TOP Kitchen Trend for 2015

Well after a year of white kitchens taking the lead and open floor plans starting to become more common there is a new trend for 2015. This year we are going the opposite direction of where we have been….Which kitchens are trending for 2015? The bright and the bold kitchens! If you aren’t a fan of the bright and the bold then you’re okay because pastels are also a hit for this next year. Muted tones of greys, blues, and creamy pastels are trending this year. Having a kitchen done in bright and bold colors may be a bit uncomfortable to some of us so here are a few photos that may have you reconsider color or even wood tones. I may not be going bright but I would do those light pastels or greys in a heart beat. Thanks 2015 for bringing in a new year and incredibly fun design trend. Here’s to having a little more fun this year even in our kitchens!

~ Aspen Leaf Kitchens Team

kitchen11 via Randy Weinstein

0_SE9yq0JIvl 8

classical-kitchens-with-blue-kitchen-cabinets 6

Kitchens+-+Workbook+Feature12 via Erica George Dines

Epjy8no67Z1l natural-kitchen-cabinet-trends-2015 7 sCi1wjl3Ab3l9 kitchen2 via @redesignkitchen8-1 via kattyschiebeck.comkitchen3 via dsignstheinteriorkitchen4 via Designer/ Urban Grace


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