Aspen Leaf Kitchens’ Showroom is MOVING!

We have some exciting news! Aspen Leaf Kitchens has purchased a building in the Berkeley neighborhood, located on Tennyson St., which we are currently completely remodeling to become our new Denver kitchen showroom. We couldn’t be any more thrilled about this move to the expanding neighborhood. Our Cherry Creek showroom will be closing in October and we will be reopening on Tennyson St in November. This move will really allow us to have a more desirable showcase of our product, we have doubled our client meeting space, and we now have multiple kitchens that will allow us to host gatherings.

Come this fall be looking out for our OPEN HOUSE at 4338 Tennyson Street. We will be sure to keep the community updated on our progress and upcoming events. We look forward to the next several years serving our amazing customers and clients through the Aspen Leaf showroom.

In the meantime here are a few pictures of the new showroom under construction. We are really excited about the transformation of this building that will truly represent Aspen Leaf Kitchens. This building was the former home to Planet Pethood, which has now moved in with their sister company. This building is an actual house that has been zoned for commercial, which is just perfect for a kitchen showroom. We can’t wait to reveal the final product in just a couple short months.





~Aspen Leaf Kitchens

A Little Bathroom Inspiration

Incase you were looking for some new bathroom inspiration we thought we would give you a few ideas. If you weren’t inspired before this you definitely will be ready for some fresh cabinetry in your bathroom after this.

All designs and Cabinetry done by Aspen Leaf Kitchens located in Denver, CO.

    aspen bathroom

                  grey front                grey side bathroom

white bathroom

concrete bathroom            tile bath

light bath


A Fresh Kitchen and Home Design!

  Welcome to 2015 where the most desired kitchens are the fresh, open, and clean designs. This is one of our recent designs and products and we are in love with it. The mixture of classic white, the grey island, and the wooden butcher block end piece to the island this Kitchen is sure to please. Tell me that this wouldn’t be the perfect kitchen to cook in cause we think it would be. Not to mention the rest of the house. With clean and classic finishes and door styles it brings a fresh and soothing feel to this home.

Take a look and enjoy!

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        use 2

              use 4    use 3

          use 5 

   use 6 use 7

            use 9

                         use 10

                                                              ~ALKL Team


Denver had an incredible year in the dining department. Restaurants were opening up quicker than we could keep up with. So we thought a great New Years resolution would be to try as many as we could in 2015. How’s that for a New Years resolution? 😉

 So here is a few of our favorites to try in 2015~


      stoic and genuine

Fresh Seafood created by the amazing culinary team, Jennifer Jasinski & Beth Gruitch. The same master minds behind Denver with Rioja, Bistro Vendôme and Euclid Hall Bar & Kitchen.

Opening in the Historic Union Station the design of the restaurant is beautiful. With the space being smaller in size it may be difficult to get a spot but luckily they do take reservations. This seafood house and oyster bar have all of their fish and oysters flown in daily. Their dishes are light, fresh and delicious.

Location: 1701 Wynkoop St. Denver, CO

2. Work & Class

fork it

The menu at Work & Class blends American and Latin flavors in an approachable, crazy-delicious way. They offer wonderful food and drinks at a decent price.  With each menu item you get to choose your own portion size which allows you to adjust how much you would like to eat and the price of what you would like to spend.

They don’t allow you to make reservations and in that small space it may be hard to get in right away. So they offer a $3 craft cocktail to anyone waiting for a table. Sounds like a deal to me.

Location: 2500 Larimer Street Suite 101  Denver, CO

3. Blackbird


Sometimes you just need a comforting meal but with a newer twist…then blackbird is what you are craving. They have an innovative twist on comforting classics. They are also known for their above par cocktail menu. Each drink is sure to please. This Rustic eatery is quickly becoming a neighborhood favorite.

Location:305 South Downing St. Denver, CO

4. Brazen


Brazen has a very fun and relaxed atmosphere paired with some insanely delicious meals. A plus to Brazen is their very affordable menu. Don’t let the surrounding area disappoint you because the food and inside atmosphere is very enjoyable.

Location: 4450 West 38th Ave. Denver, CO

5. Sunnyside Burger Bar


Craft Burgers + Craft Beer. This very innovative Burger bar has some really fun twists on the average burger. These burgers will not be found anywhere else. Delicious menu with a fresh, casual-fast hybrid atmosphere. Great for a quick lunch and a good beer.

Location: 3579 Lipan St. Denver, CO  

So now its your turn to give these eateries a try and let us know what you think.

We think you’ll like them all. 🙂

~ Alkl Team


 Well the time has finally come Folks!

Beginning in February we are excited to announce that our Cherry Creek Showroom will be open a few days a week for walk-ins. We will now be in our showroom to assist you whenever you would like to stop in. Come by for a drink while you browse. There will be a designer and sales associate here for you to answer any questions that you may have. We are really looking forward to this next year being able to become closer to our clients and the people in the Denver area.

Tell your friends and family and come say hello! Come February 1st we will have exact store hours for you…stay tuned!

~The ALKL Team

TOP Kitchen Trend for 2015

Well after a year of white kitchens taking the lead and open floor plans starting to become more common there is a new trend for 2015. This year we are going the opposite direction of where we have been….Which kitchens are trending for 2015? The bright and the bold kitchens! If you aren’t a fan of the bright and the bold then you’re okay because pastels are also a hit for this next year. Muted tones of greys, blues, and creamy pastels are trending this year. Having a kitchen done in bright and bold colors may be a bit uncomfortable to some of us so here are a few photos that may have you reconsider color or even wood tones. I may not be going bright but I would do those light pastels or greys in a heart beat. Thanks 2015 for bringing in a new year and incredibly fun design trend. Here’s to having a little more fun this year even in our kitchens!

~ Aspen Leaf Kitchens Team

kitchen11 via Randy Weinstein

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classical-kitchens-with-blue-kitchen-cabinets 6

Kitchens+-+Workbook+Feature12 via Erica George Dines

Epjy8no67Z1l natural-kitchen-cabinet-trends-2015 7 sCi1wjl3Ab3l9 kitchen2 via @redesignkitchen8-1 via kattyschiebeck.comkitchen3 via dsignstheinteriorkitchen4 via Designer/ Urban Grace